We want to keep this wiki running as smoothly as possible, so here are some guidelines about posting material.


New ArticlesEdit

If there is a page similar to one you are making, check the original page first before creating another article. When making references to canon aspects of the show (e.g. characters, episodes etc.), please provide external links to the Xiaolin Showdown Wikia. Couple and pairing pages are welcome, but as mentioned above, don't post more than one page about the same couple.


When posting bios of your characters, please do not resort to presenting your page like so:



Gender: etc...

We will soon hopefully have a Character Info template to store small amounts of information like this on the pages, but for now, produce your bios in a form similar to this. Include subheadings such as Background History, Personality, Physical Appearances, Powers & Abilities, Relationships, Weaknesses etc. instead of keeping the information as a wall of text in the middle of the page.

In terms of characters, any type of fan-character that fits into the XS Universe is welcome to be posted. Cross-over characters are NOT allowed (especially if they are part of another canon), but if you want to make references to other shows/fandoms on any page, please provide some sort of link or reference.


When posting set ups to fan-made episodes and/or fan-fiction, post a reasonably short summary of your story on the wiki. We don't want it taking up too much of the screen. If you have the full story posted on a website such as or deviantART, please provide the link. Make sure to provide links to your character and Shen Gong Wu pages (otherwise no-one will know what you're talking about!). With fan-fiction, regard the first link at the top of the page.

Fan Shen Gong WuEdit

The same elements shown above are applied to these as well.

Please try and group your material together somehow by giving it a saga name, series name or simply adding your pen name onto all of your pages. That way, it will be easier for others to find out what belongs where.

Images & Other Related ContentEdit

Make sure to keep the screenshot posts directly from the show to a minimum. We want original material to be posted, not something coloured over. Base made characters are tolerated, but we don't want many of them, so try and post images that you made 100% yourself. If you do post something base made, make sure that you have gained the permission to use said base by the original artist and add it in the licensing info of your image. The same goes for work you produced by yourself. Make sure we know that you made it. If not, your picture may be deleted. For more info on these matters, click here.

If you have more than three images of your character that you want to post on your page, please add them in a photo gallery.

If you have any queries, contact my Talk Page and I will help you if you need assistance of any sort.

Bullet731108 19:40, January 18, 2011 (UTC)Bullet731108

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