"Ring of the Nine Dragons" is the seventh episode of Xiaolin Showdown. It was directed by Steven Lyons and written by Mark Palmer. It originally aired in the United States on Kids WB on January 17, 2004.


Omi is trying out all the recreational activities that Raimundo Pedrosa, Kimiko Tohomiko, and Clay Bailey are doing. The problem is that he is doing them all at the same time. He is playing soccer with Raimundo, playing a video game with Kimiko, and learning to do the lasso trick with Clay. He ends up using the lasso to tie his feet together, causing the ball to go into his goal, and causing him to lose the video game simultaneously. After that, Omi says it would be easier if there were duplicates of himself.

Coincidentally, the next Shen Gong Wu they have to find is the Ring of the Nine Dragons. This Shen Gong Wu has the power to make multiple copies of the person who wears the ring, at the cost of dividing all of their abilities and potential between each of the duplicates. Dojo Kanojo Cho takes the Xiaolin Warriors to where it is hidden—deep in the Aztec pyramids. Once they get there, they follow Grand Master Dashi's instructions that he left behind for Dojo to find the Ring. Jack Spicer and Wuya travel to the pyramids also, but are too late for their adversaries have already beaten them to it. The Xiaolin Warriors return to the Xiaolin Temple. Master Fung takes the Ring from Omi before he could use it because he says its power will overwhelm a dragon-in-training. Nevertheless, that does not stop a curious Omi from just trying it out real fast. He sneaks into the temple late at night, and uses the ring, multiplying himself to create two other Omi's. They are both useless, however, as one is a game fanatic, and the other decides to spend all his time eating cookie dough in the temple kitchen.

Later, a new Shen Gong Wu reveals itself—the Falcon's Eye. Its power is that it can see through any solid object. Dojo takes the Xiaolin Warriors to the mountains where it always snows. Jack along with hundreds of his flying Jack-bots appear and try to stop Omi from getting to the newest Shen Gong Wu. He succeeds and Jack pursues it. Since the Xiaolin Warriors are so few, and the mountain land is so large, Omi decides to use the ring again to make more duplicates in order to spread out, and find the Falcon's Eye before Jack does. Once again, none of the Omi’s can be relied on as all of them have hardly any brains, and they just create more trouble for Kimiko, Raimundo, and Clay. One of the Omi's accidentally finds the Falcon's Eye, but so does Jack. Jack challenges the easygoing Omi to a Xiaolin Showdown. The Showdown is to reach the far side of the mountain using snowboards. After a long race, and some mishaps, all of the Omi's come back together to return to their one original form. Although, it is too late. Jack grabs the Falcon's Eye just as Omi swoops in to get it. They have lost, once again.

Everybody back to the Xiaolin Temple, where Master Fung was not happy waiting. Because Omi was very disobedient at Fung's orders is to do many chores. Meanwhile, Jack also misuses the Ring of the Nine Dragons. He duplicated himself all nine times to create chaos all around his lab, leaving poor Wuya to deal with nine Jacks.


Shen Gong WuEdit

Ring of the Nine DragonsEdit

Inside a labyrinth in an Aztec pyramid.

Falcon's EyeEdit

On a tree branch in the mountains.

Total Shen Gong WuEdit


  1. Mantis Flip Coin


  1. Two-Ton Tunic
  2. Eye of Dashi
  3. Third-Arm Sash
  4. Fist of Tebigong
  5. Jetbootsu
  6. Monkey Staff
  7. Tangle Web Comb
  8. Changing Chopsticks
  9. Sword of the Storm
  10. Shroud of Shadows
  11. Helmet of Jong
  12. Ring of the Nine Dragons
  13. Falcon's Eye


  1. Golden Tiger Claws (at the Earth's core)

Xiaolin ShowdownEdit

Omi vs. Jack—SnowboardingEdit

Fight for: Falcon's eye
Omi: Ring of the Nine Dragons
Jack: Third-Arm Sash
Winner: Jack

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