The Sapphire Dragon is a very dangerous Shen Gong Wu, a weapon only to be used as a last resort. It was first found dormant in a volcano in "Night of the Sapphire Dragon"; if the soot is removed from it, it will activate on its own, grow into a giant snake-like dragon and attack anything and everything without stopping. With each victim, its power increases. At a point when it becomes powerful enough, the dragon can animate all its sapphire statue victims into a zombie-like army. The dragon and its sapphire slaves are weak against soot. The only way to return the dragon to its dormant state and free its victims is for the dragon to be covered in soot again. It was only used purposefully by Hannibal Roy Bean in the third season in "The Dream Stalker"; in its first appearance, it was activated by accident. Kimiko wiped of the soot. Strangly for a Shen Gong Wu the dragon has a personality and is not just a mindless weapon of destruction; it did not try to attack Dojo until he clawed its underbelly which apparently hurt. It also seems to know the rules of Xiaolin Showdowns and called a Cosmic Clash Showdown with Omi in "The Dream Stalker".

In Power Rangers, Kimiko accidentally activated and turned out to be sapphire dragon. Until Samuel used the Sapphire Dragon thanks to it create the sword.


Unlike every other Shen Gong Wu covered in the story, the sapphire Dragon has its own individual personality. The Sapphire Dragon is malevolent, quiet, cunning, and a frightful being of chaos. Yet it does seem to have some bit of respect for its 'fellow dragons' it did not try to attack Dojo until Dojo accidentally damaged it, also it hesitated and examined the threat level of Dojo.


While with each new victim its power grows, it seems to have a limit to how much power it can use at once, as it hesitated before attacking Dojo right after attacking Clay, of course it is also possible that it showed a sign of respect for a fellow dragon. Its biggest weakness is soot. If covered in soot it will become a harmless bobble, and cannot harm anything. Also, its minions are also effected by soot, gaining a small portion of their free will for mere moments, and are exposed to incredible pain. Also while most of its body is solid sapphire, its under belly is either vulnerable to attack (it wasn't strong enough to defend against dojo after just two victims), or dragon claws are sharp enough to pierce sapphire and harm the dragon. Shen Gong Wu

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